The Conteur Academy

Post-Secondary Training Program

The Conteur Academy, a 2 year post-secondary program, is geared towards dancers pursuing professional careers as dance professionals, teachers and/or choreographers; beyond the formative years at the studio.

The Academy’s mission is to offer a program in which elite dancers continue to grow technically, hone their skills, and remain tuned for professional opportunities, such as those offered by Conteur’s Professional Company, amongst others.

The Academy aims to enhance the skills of an already accomplished practitioner. With 30-hours per week of training, the students are exposed to contemporary, jazz, modern, ballet, floor techniques, partnering, pilates, yoga, and other specialties of dance and body conditioning. Students are offered a unique program in which to develop their expertise and assist in building their portfolio needed for pursuing a professional career in the industry.

  • A National Audition Tour, takes place annually. Applicants for the program must meet the following admission requirements:
  • Strong technical training in ballet (syllabus not specified)
  • Specialty in contemporary and modern training
  • Minimum 5 years of technical training
  • Superior talent and overall versatility